What We Do?


Fair Dinkum Fencing has a dedicated team who strive to create unique, durable and stylish fences.

Government Contracts

We are a preferred contractor for a range of local government and council departments.

Custom Design

Have you seen an improvement idea, specific gate or fencing design you would like for your home or business?

Government Regulations

Pool owners are responsible for ensuring pool barriers are maintained and damaged fencing or barriers are fixed immediately.

Corporate Contracts

Fair Dinkum Fencing is experienced in the supply of fencing to corporate enterprises and we are the preferred fencing contractor for a variety of commercial businesses throughout Mildura and the surrounding region.


Warranties cover most our products against peeling, flaking and corrosion due to weather.

Improve your environment with us

During our work we helped a huge number of people and have garnered a reputation as a stable company with a team of real skilled experts who don’t fear any difficulties.