Mesh (or chainwire) fencing is the work horse of the fencing family. Mesh is the product of choice for security fencing, in factories and industrial sites, for sporting grounds, tennis courts and schools.

Mesh fencing offers excellent security features, keeping both pets and children safe, and possible intruders out. It is low maintenance, can be easily repaired or modified, very easy to install and great value for money.

We have installed this type of fencing in all type of applications, including internal factory partitions, at offices, as practice nets, and for private tennis courts.

Our mesh fencing comes from Smorgons and One Steel, and can be PVC coated in black or Evergreen, and the transparent look of the materials allow a feeling of space and vision.  Many home owners are moving to mesh fencing for their residences, using colours such as black with a top and bottom rail to improve the overall look.